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One of the perfect destination to experience an amazing collection of sights, scenes and scents. Waveless heavenly white sand beaches to the marvelous Temples and more, Trincomalee is definitely heaven to wander around without any worries.

Trincomalee is the capital city of Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. It is located on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka. Trincomalee has become a must visited tourist destination in recent days in Sri Lanka post the civil war that had ended in the past decade. 

Trincomalee is a sunny city all around the year despite the monsoonal rains in November to March. If you want to enjoy the beach in calm weather, set your trip between May to September since it would be very crowded in April.

How can you get to Trincomalee?

Car: Take a long drive from colombo to Trincomalee town.

Bus: Public and Private Bus services are available from Colombo to Trincomalee every day. checkout the bus booking sites to book your tickets.

Train: Take a really long train ride from Colombo fort to Trincomalee.

Places to Visit in Trincomalee

1. Nilaveli  Beach

Nilaveli is a Tamil word which can be translated as the “Land of Moon” since the moonrises would create a dreamy scenery in the salt field by the reflection of the moon in the crystalized salt field. Now the salt fields have been decreased by time yet Nilaveli has many things to offer the tourists other than the fantastic moon rises. Nilavali beach is considered as one of the stunning beaches with breathtaking views. This sandy eastern coastal beach is a perfect escape for you if you like to relax on a sandy beach. It is also a great destination for watersports and an unlimited supply of seafood. Furthermore, it is the nearest place to the astonishing pigeon island.

2. Koneswaram Kovil 

If you are visiting Trincomalee, Koneshwaram Temple will be the top of the list to tick your bucket list. This Hindu temple is located on a rock cliff inside the fort Fedrick which is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites by Hindus in Sri Lanka. This pilgrimage site is one of the best masterpieces of  Dravidian Architecture. 

The spiritual vibes and the astonishing sculptures in these temples would definitely give you a calm mind. Besides the spirituality and the architecture of this temple, The breathtaking view of the Indian ocean from the top of the rock would give you the perfect balance of nature and spirituality. Climb the steps of these temples and if you are seeking solace in a divine environment with some magnificent views.

3. Fort Fedrick 

Ford Fedrick is one of the main significant historical landmarks of Sri Lanka. The fort was built by the Portuguese in the early 17th century. Due to the natural bay of Trincomalee, it was easier to build this gigantic fort in those days. Now, this fort is controlled by Sri Lankan Navy and it is open for public to visit this place. 

Although this is a humanized destination, wildlife is also visited here frequently You can spot some deers roaming freely around this place. Shoot them with your camera and leave no plastics here. 

4. Uppuveli Beach

Uppuveli Beach is one of the best tourist destinations in Trincomalee if you love Palm trees, golden sands, calm ocean and infinite sea food. 

Uppuvali has more to offer you from its little landscape. Join the volleyball team and have fun then you can swim on the emerald waters of this beach or dive into the ocean and sea the deep world of the sea or else you can go on a fun ride into the ocean and watch the giant whales of Sri Lanka.

5. Pathirakali Amman Kovil

Pathirakaali Amman Kovil is a sacred Hindu temple in the centre of the Trincomalee city would gravitate you with its vibrance and mind-blowing artistic sculptures which depict so many amazing stories.  This Dravidian architecture styled temple is also popularly known as Kaali Kovil (காலி கோவில்) by Tamils. If you love to visit stunning architectural places which reflect the powerfulness and magnificence, this temple should be on your bucket list.  

6. Hot Springs of Kinniya

The Kinniya Hot Springs is located on a small town called Kinniya. This place  consists of seven different natural hot springs in square shape. One of the amazing features of this hot spring is its temperature varies from one to another while some springs are warm and some are very hot. These hot spring wells are not very deep as it is about 4 feet in depth hence you can see the bottom of the well by your own eyes. If you are a nature admirer, go see this place in real and admire the amazing phenomenons of nature.

7. Pigeon Island

The so-called “Pura malai” is a rocky island which is a few minutes boat ride from Trincomalee. The astonishing pigeon island national park is one of the amazing getaway from the busy city life. This park comprises two tiny islands. The name “pigeon island” came to this island since it is the home for the rare species of rock pigeons. If you make it to the shore of this fabulous island, you can notice the perfect white sands and strikingly beautiful formation of rock. 

8. Maritime Museum

The Museum itself is a 17th-century Dutch mansion which is now refurbished into a marvelous as a well informative museum. This Maritime museum consists of a lot of information and insights into colonial Sri Lankan history, significantly you can see how important Trincomalee was in those days.

The naval history of Sri Lanka can be seen on the ground floor of this museum while the second floor showcases the marine ecosystem of the country’s east coast. 

Popular Hotels in Trincomalee

Trincomalee is the main attraction in Eastern Sri Lanka since it has versatile tourist attractions compared to the other locations in Eastern Province, Sri Lanka. Hence this place is visited by tons of thousands of Tourists in the season. So book your hotels soon after planning your trip to Sri Lanka. Here are some popular hotels in Trincomalee; Book your Hotels from

Most booked Hotels in Trincomalee

  • JKAB Park Hotel
  • Anantama Botel
  • Blue water Beach Resort
  • Blue sand Besch Resort
  • Hotel Tobiko

Cheap Hotels in Trincomalee for Budget Travelers

  • The social Shack
  • Trinco relax hut
  • Blue blu resort
  • Hilton Cottage
  • Liyonaa Beach Hotel


This Sunny city has much to offer for tourists despite the stunning beaches. Explore the historical monuments and cultural sites and events. If you are fed up with the touristry southern part of Sri Lanka, Eastern Sri Lanka is the escape plan for you and Trincomalee would lead the way for a calm and fun-tastic vacation for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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