Kitulgala – Make sure to be alive on this Adventure Journey

Are you a person who loves adventure? If so, Kitulgala is a wonderful place you Shouldn’t miss on your visit to Sri Lanka. The name came from the word “Kitul Palm Tree”. Kitulgala is located in the Sabaragamuwa province, 95km far from Colombo. It lies in the wet zone of the country. This place is filled with wet forests, water sources and several other wildlife creatures. This place is called the wettest place of Sri Lanka as it goes through two monsoons every year. The Kelani river passing through Kitulgala is one of the reasons for the attraction in this area. 

How to reach Kitulgala?

Kitulgala is located west of the Kandy to Nuwara Eliya road. To visit Kitulgala from Colombo use the Colombo-Avissawella-Hatton main road. Take a tuk-tuk and they will guide you to on the hundreds of tour guides available here. Therefore, you will never miss anything from this adventurous journey.

Colombo – Kitulgala [Google Map]


Kitulgala is a place filled with extreme water sports that challenge the daredevils inside you. let your fears outside this village and get into some thrilling activities that you won’t forget forever if you stay alive after doing all these bold ventures. Look after for your friends, anything can happen in a blink. if you are ready to go fearlessly keep on reading…

Kitulgala White Water Rafting 

This is the reason most of the people visit Kitulgala. During the first three months of every year, you can see many travelers around the country and tourists doing this water activity. Kelani river is naturally made for such water rafting. Shallow water, wide river, and flow of water are also very ideal for such activity. When you come with a group of people the fun will be unlimited. All the safety equipment and mini-training will be provided prior to the journey. At the end of the water rafting, you can swim along the slow-flowing deep river surrounded by tall wide trees. Harmless fishes, a variety of birds and an extraordinary scene will not be missed during the swim.

Hiking, Water Gliding and Confidence Jumps

There is a lot to explore along the bank of the river Kelaniya. A long hike adjacent along the coast to the higher portion of the river will be filled a lot of things to explore. When you reach a certain point the fun part of the will starts from there. Naturally available rocks are perfect for water gliding activity. There are several spots of rocks with a height of at least 10 feet from where you can jump into the water. If you are afraid of height, this is a perfect place to get rid of the fear of heights. Safety helmets and jackets will be provided here.

Kitulgala Village

As the name suggests the village is surrounded by Kitul Palm trees. Kitul palm syrups are made form these trees which are used for making several traditional Sinhalese sweets. Several varieties of fruits and vegetables are available around the village. You can find all these food items in the restaurants around. Don’t miss the Sri Lankan special rice and curry with the spicy sambal.  Sweets made of Kitul syrups are also provided after the food.

Aberdeen Falls

The picturesque waterfall ranging to the hight of 322 feet (92M) on the Kehelgamu Oya near Ginigathena, is also very close to Kitulgala. Aberdeen is named after the place Aberdeen, the third-largest city in Scotland and the capital of Aberdeenshire.

This is where you celebrate your farewell party on this Adventure trip. get a ride to the parking area of Aberdeen falls from Kitulgala and then start hiking through the forest to the viewpoint and fill up your Instagram grid with some amazing photographs of this falls in order to wrap up your adventure journey to Kitulgala.

Aberdeen Falls - Ginigathhena Sri Lanka
Aberdeen Falls

Other Reasons for visiting Kitulgala

Besides all the Adventure and challenging activities, Kitulgala is also popular for its history and other notable events happened here.

  • If you have ever watched the 1957 Oscar-winning movie “Bridge on the River” by David Lean, it was shot here on the banks of Kelaniya Ganga (Kelani River).
  • Sri Lanka’s oldest men called the “Balangoda Men” are believed to live here. Ten skeletons were found at the Beli Lena Caves which is just 8km from Kitulgala. 

Where you can stay at Kitulgala?

There are a lot of Superb Hotels in Kitulgala if you are willing to stay a night or 2 in this amazing place filled with trees and greenery. You can check these hotels with the links provided here.

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If you are a person who loves water sports and adventure activities such as White water rafting, water gliding, confidence jump, and hiking as well as love nature at the same time, Kitulgala is a destination you must add in your tick list. The natural beauty of the rivers, tall trees, birds, foods and historical events that make your reason to visit this place more valid.  A short traveling time and cheaper budget are some advantages to visit Kitulgala.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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