HIKKADUWA – Awesome place for Surfing, Diving and Snorkeling

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Hikkaduwa is a town located on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. Situated at a distance of 98km down south of Colombo and 17km North-West of Galle. One of the attractive locations in the country with a long line of beautiful beaches. As it is one of the beaches close to the capital of the country, it attracted more tourists every year. The city was devastated by the 2004 tsunami and recovered back again very quickly. A perfect spot for beach lovers with several beach activities and tasty seafood. Traveling to Hikkaduwa is very easy as you can find hundreds of buses and trains that operate daily on most parts of the day.


Beach, Beach, Beach and Beaches…

Beaches are what Hikkaduwa is special for. The Blue sea and Yellow sand on the shores are great visuals to the eyes. This is a great place to have sunbath. You can see lots of people wearing sunglasses and king coconut in the hand. To get yourself tanned naturally, this is the place.

Best place for Snorkelling in Sri Lanka

Snorkelling in Hikkaduwa is one of the popular activity for coral lovers. Hikkaduwa beach is one of the protected coral beach in Sri Lanka which could amaze you with its underworld of the ocean.
Colourful fishes are another thing not to miss in Hikkaduwa. Get yourself a pair of snorkelling goggles and dive in to see the beautiful creatures from fishes to corals. Never forgot your GoPro while diving in, or else you will regret.

Surfing in the giant waves of Hikkaduwa

The waves at the Hikkaduwa beach is ideal for surfing. If you love to surf or ever wanted to try surfing, you should try it here. You can find hundreds of trainers around the beach to get yourself trained as a beginner. You can find yourself a surfboat almost in every restaurant around.

Delicious Sri lankan sea food at Hikkaduwa

Seafood in the city is a must to try. A dinner with your loved one at the shore watching the golden rays from the sunset will make your journey more romantic. Throughout the long-stretched beach, you can find hundreds of restaurants with variety of cuisines and drinks.

Boat rides on Hikkaduwa beach

Apart from these, there are also boat ride services available to explore the sea. If you want to travel down south to visit Galle or Matara you can hire a scooter or a tuk-tuk. It will be a fun ride on your own along the road parallel to the coast.

Where can you stay in Hikkaduwa?

Hikkaduwa is one of the popular tourist spots in the southern part of Sri Lanka. So it’s easy to find Hotels in Hikkaduwa. We have mentioned some popular hotels you might like according to Bookings.com

Most Booked hotels in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

  • Ranmal beach Hotel
  • Lavanga Resort & Spa
  • Hotel Vibration
  • Hotel Finlanka
  • Refresh Hotel

Best view hotels in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

  • Aditya Boutique Hotels
  • Vesma Villas
  • Hotel finlanka
  • Sapphire Seas Beachfront Hotel
  • Hotel Garcinia Leaf

Budget Hotels in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

  • Aliya Aliya Hikkaduwa
  • Jippie The Villa
  • Minuri Villa
  • Vesma Villa
  • Asian Jwel Boutique Hotel


Hikkaduwa is the place where you want to go if you love beach as well the ocean. This resort town will offer you more than just beaches, coral, turtles and exotic fishes. Visit Hikkaduwa and enjoy your snorkeling vacation.

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