Complete Guide to Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

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The awakening of monsoon creates the mountains of Sri Lanka decorated with cascades of magnificent waterfalls, the rivers become alive again with their beautiful roaring sound. The wet trees turns luscious green and gives a great good vibe to the wilderness. The good things starts to happen all over the upcountry hills.

Sri Lanka is blessed with such astonishing waterfalls, lakes and rivers. In monsoon, the tiny streams turn into aggressive rivers filled with grandeur, carrying the water from the upper reaches of the hills through the valleys and plains before finally meeting the ocean

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Complete List of Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

There are over 100 waterfalls in sri lanka however this list includes all the waterfalls in Sri Lanka above 10 metres (33ft) in hight. All these falls spread across the island and some of them vanishes in the summer. So before you plan your trip, contact the locals whether the falls is at full swing or not.

  1. Aberdeen Falls
  2. Asupini Ella
  3. Alakola Falls
  4. Baker’s Falls
  5. Bambarakanda Falls
  6. Bomburu Ella
  7. Bopath Ella Falls
  8. Delta Falls
  9. Dessford Falls
  10. Diyathiri Ella
  11. Devathura Falls
  12. Devon Falls
  13. Diyaluma Falls
  14. Doovili Ella Falls
  15. Dunhinda Falls
  16. Elgin Falls
  17. Ethamala Falls
  18. Galboda Ella
  19. Galdola Falls
  20. Garandi Ella, Kalugala
  21. Garandi Ella (Gerandigini Falls)
  22. Gartmore Falls
  23. Glain Falls
  24. Handapan Ella
  25. Handun Ella
  26. Hathmale Falls
  27. Huluganga Falls
  28. Hunnas Falls
  29. Kalupahana Falls
  30. Kirindi Ella
  31. Kurundu oya Falls (Maturata Ella)
  32. Laxapana Falls
  33. Lihini hela Ella
  34. Lovers Leap
  35. Madanagiri Falls
  36. Mahakandura Falls
  37. Mahakandura Falls
  38. Manawela Falls
  39. Mannakethi Ella
  40. Mapanana Falls (Mapalana Ella)
  41. Nakkawita Falls
  42. Nanuoya Falls
  43. Okandagala Falls
  44. Oolu Ella
  45. Peessa Ella
  46. Puna Falls
  47. Pundalu Oya Falls
  48. Ramboda Falls
  49. Rathna Falls
  50. Ravana Falls
  51. Rawan Ella
  52. Sampath Ella
  53. Sera Ella Falls
  54. St. Clair’s Falls
  55. Seetha Kotuwa Falls
  56. Sri Pada Falls
  57. Surathali Falls
  58. Yaka Andu Ella
  59. Windsor Forest Falls
  60. Galamuduna Ahasgawwa Falls

Source: Wikipedia

15 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Most of the rivers from the central highlands of Sri Lanka host exquisite and beautiful waterfalls where water cascades from a great height gushing to the depths, making a huge spectacle with great fury, noise, and indeed it creates mist as well as mini rainbows. When the cold splash of water hits on your face bringing a whiff of fresh air, would bring some new energy to your soul indeed.

The following list includes 15 waterfalls that we admired a lot apart from the Top 10 Highest Water falls in Sri Lanka. So comment Your favourite waterfalls on the list or mention if we missed any deserving waterfalls in your view!

Bomburu Ella

Bomburu Ella also known as Perawella Falls is located in a village Perawella near the Nuwara Eliya / Badulla border. It is also known to be the widest and the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This extremely striking beautiful waterfall is a collection of 10 smaller falls. Visiting Bomburu Falls in the monsoonal season is the best time as this cute falls turns into a majestic mass of water falls with thunderous sound. It can be can be reached by taking the Welimada – Pussellawa Road and is reached through a rather winding track.

Bomburu Falls | picture courtesy: Mohamed Rifky
Bomburu Falls | picture courtesy: Lakdeepanie Peiris
Bomburu Falls | picture courtesy: Medha Manathunga

Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda falls is located approximately 5 kilometres away from Badulla town. The name “Dunhinda” originated from the Sinhala word: “Dun”, which means Smoke. Because This falls creates a small ivory mist formation when the water falls from the height of 63m. A small trek from the main road would lead this enchanting waterfalls

Ravana Falls | Picture Courtesy: Wildlings of Sri Lanka

Ravana Ella Water Falls

Ravana falls in Ella is the next waterfalls in the list since it is one of the widest falls in the country and also one of the most beautiful falls in Sri Lanka. In fact Rawana Ella have been named after the legendary character Ravana, in the world famous indian epic, Ramayana. The height of the fall measures approximately 25 m (82 ft) and cascade from an oval-shaped concave rock outcrop. During the monsoon season, this falls flows in the shape of coconut flower. However the flow reduces in the dry season. So try to catch up the magnificent sight of the falls in the rainy season.

Ravana Falls | Picture Courtesy: Wildlings of Sri Lanka

Bakers Water Falls

Baker’s Falls is one of the famous waterfall in Sri Lanka which is situated in the Horton plains Cloud forest. In fact Baker’s falls was named after a British explorer, Sir Samuel Baker. Although it is only 20 meters in height, it is considered as one of the widest falls in Sri Lanka as well as a magnificent falls.

Bakers Falls | Picture Courtesy: Wildlings of Sri Lanka

St Clair’s Falls

The Enchanting cascades of St.Clairs water falls in situated near Talawakelle town in nuwara Eliya district. This 80 meter falls can be seen from the road while you travel via Thalawakale – Hatton Highway. This strikingly beautiful falls also called as “little Niagra” as it turns in to a wide beautiful water fall in the monsoon.

St Clair’s Falls | Picture Courtesy: Ajay Priyadarshan

Devon Falls

Devon falls Situated along the Talawakelle – Hatton road in the district of Nuwara Eliya falls from the height of 97 meters. This striking falls is surrounded by lush green tea trails and stunning forests, Thus it is definitely getting in to the list of most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Devon Falls | Picture Courtesy: Ajay Priyadarshan

Sera Ella Waterfalls

Sera Ella Waterfall is one of the most stunning wild waterfalls in Sri Lanka which is located in Pothatawela village in Matale District, Sri Lanka. This waterfall separates into two sections as it falls down the rockface, both falling down from a hight of 30 feet approximately. unlike the other waterfalls in Sri Lanka This falls also receives water the whole year round, and is at full flow during the months of the monsoons.

Bopath Ella Water Falls

Bopath Ella falls is situated in the village Agalawatte in Kalutara district and it is 30m in height. As a matter of fact it derives its name for its resemblance to the sacred Bo Leaf. The most prominent feature of this falls is is its shape, taken as it flows through two narrow rocks and then widens into a spectacular cascade.

Bopath Falls | picture courtesy: Kasuni Tharushika

Aberdeen Falls

Aberdeen Waterfall is amongst the amazing as well as the most popular waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is located on the Kehelgamu Oya near Kitulgala in Nuwara Eliya District. It can be reached by trekking about 500 meters into the forest from the road. Aberdeen Falls is 98 meters long and it is narrow in width.

Aberdeen Falls | Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Rifky

Dunsinane Waterfalls

Dunsinane Falls also known as Pundalu Oya Falls is a picturesque waterfall situated in Pundaluoya village in Nuwara Eliya District of Sri Lanka. It is located between two Tea estates known as Dunsinane and Sheen. Therefore sometimes this falls is called as Dunsinane Sheen falls. The waterfall is created by the Pundalu Oya river which is a tributary of Kotmale Oya.

Dunsinane Falls | Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Rifky

Gartmore Falls

Gartmore Falls is one of the stunning falls in Sri Lanka which is different from all other falls in the list. Because this amazing waterfalls cascades down from the hills to a reservoir and create an immense beauty to scenery. It is also known as Sri Pada Falls which is directly falls on to the Maussakele Reservoir in Maskeliya and is fed by two streams which joins above the falls. Each of these streams creates a waterfall before joining. These beautiful streams together is called as Gartmore falls in Maskeliya.

Huluganga Falls

Huluganga Waterfall is a mesmerising waterfall that is located in a village ‘Huluganga’ in Kandy district, Sri Lanka. This stunning falls is 75 meters high and it cascades down from Hulu River which is originating from the Knuckles Mountain Range in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka.

Huluganga Falls | Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Rifky

Galboda Ella

Galboda Falls is a 30m High waterfall located in a village called Galboda in Nuwara Eliya District. It’s becomes very alive in the monsoon, turns in to a monstrous fall with the width of 6 meter. Surrounded by jungle and wildlife, this falls takes its own place in the list.

Galboda Falls | picture courtesy: Kushan Goonawardena

Rathna Falls

Rathna Ella Fall is situated in Rathna Ella Village in Hasalaka in Mahiyangana district. This beautiful waterfall stands at a majestic height of 111 meters and also It is one of the longest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The Hasalaka Oya which starts from the world heritage Knuckles mountain range creates this waterfall.

Rathna Falls | picture courtesy: Kushan Goonawardena

Puna Falls

Puna Ella cascades down from the height of 109 meters in the shape of ‘Y’ form where two waterfalls with two water sources merge in to one at the bottom. These 2 streams comes from Puna Oya river and Pandula Oya river then meets together as a water fall.

Puna Falls | Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Rifky

Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Waterfalls of Sri Lanka are not really taller than 263m in height but 263 meters is really a huge height to make you awe-struck. The following 10 waterfalls are the longest waterfalls of Sri Lanka.

01. Bambarakanda Ella Waterfalls 263m

Bambarakanda Falls (බඹරකන්ද ඇල්ල) is the tallest waterfalls in Sri Lanka which cascades down 263 meters like a thin line of lightning bolt. It is located in Kalupahana in Badulla District. It can be seen from the road because of its height however, a 200m walk would take you to its feet. So you can see how marvelous this falls looks when it seen from a closer radius.

Bambarakanda falls | Source: Wikimedia

02. Diyaluma Ella Waterfalls 220m

Diyaluma Falls (දියලුම ඇල්ල)is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a whooping height of 220 meters (722ft). It is located 6 km away from Koslanda in Badulla district. It is a magnificent sight to see when the torrent of water cascades down to the Koslanda Plateau and during monsoon. Hiking to the top of this falls (Upper Diyaluma/ Uda Diyaluma) is very popular among the local and foreign travellers.

Gartmore Falls | Picture Courtesy: Wildlings of Sri Lanka

03. Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfalls 200m

Kalugala Gerandi Falls (කලුගල ගැරඬි ඇල්ල) Falls is one of the scenic waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This spectacular waterfall consists of 4 cascades and it is the third highest falls in Sri Lanka falls from the height of 200 – 240 meters (787ft) (The exact height is not available) . It is Located in a serene village known as Kalugala in Kandy District. It can be seen from Kandy – Mahiyangana road however trekking to this falls is really hard since it consists of many vertical rocks.

Kalugala Gerandi Ella Falls | Picture Courtesy: Rushdy Sadik
Kalugala Gerandi Ella Falls | Picture Courtesy: Isuru Senaratne

03. Kurundu Oya Ella WaterFalls 189m

Kurundu Oya Falls (කුරුඳු ඔය ඇල්ල) is also known as Mathura Falls is situated in a place called Kandapola in Walapane in Nuwara-Eliya District. This fall is considered as the longest falls in Nuwara Eliya district with the height of 189m. The fall begins with Kurundu river and it falls into Mahaweli river at the bottom. This Falls can be reached by walking through the tea trails from the road.

Kurundu Oya Falls | Picture Courtesy: Pasindu Padmathilaka

05. Mapanana Ella Waterfalls 141m

Mapalana Falls (මාපලාන ඇල්ල) which is also known as Mapanana Ella is situated in Gilimale in Ratnapura district. It stands at a height of 141 meters. The fall consists of three segments and is served by a stream which originates from Thoranabandigala in the Samanala Mountain Range.

Mapalana Falls | Picture Courtesy: Chamath Dulshan

06. Lakshapana Ella WaterFalls129m

Laxapana is lofty waterfall in lush rainforest cascading over a rocky precipice from height of 129 m (423 ft) and falls straight into a natural rock pool. This falls is situated in Ginigathhena in Nuwara Eliya district and it is close to Maskeliya. The most convenient route is the Hatton – Maskeliya road. Take this road for 18km from Hatton, where a footpath leads down past the Pathana village to the fall.

Laxapana Falls | picture courtesy: Lakdeepanie Peiris

07. Olu Ella WaterFalls 127m

Olu Ella Falls – ඕලු ඇල්ල is situated in a village named Yatiyantota in Kegalle district. This magnificent falls drops from the height of 127 meters (416ft) and it is 18 meters wide. This waterfall cascades in four segments and it is very beautiful in the monsoon season since this waterfalls would be filled with exuberance and flows like a giant wild beast.

Olu Falls | picture courtesy: Kushan Goonawardena
Olu Falls | picture courtesy: Nimesh Kandula

08. Mahakandura WaterFalls 120m

Mahakandura Ella Falls (මහකඳුර ඇල්ල) is situated in Padiyapelella, Nuwara Eliya district The road crosses this fall twice by a hair-pin bend. During the rainy season the waters spread over the rocks like a big piece of white tulle.

Mahakandura Falls | picture courtesy: Mangala Edirisinghe

09. Kirindi WaterFalls 116m

Kirindi Ella Falls ( කිරිඳි ඇල්ල) is situated in a village called Palmudulla in Ratnapura district. This spectacular waterfall starts from Kirindi Ella stream and travels 13km as a river and cascades from the height of 116 meters (380ft) from Katupitiya mountain. Then  It then flows via the Denawaka River to the Kalu Ganga River which is located in the Bambara Kotuwa Jungle.

Kirindi Falls | picture courtesy: Kushan Goonawardena

10. Ramboda Falls 109m

Ramboda Falls is 109 m high and it is the 10th highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. It is situated on the A5 highway at Ramboda Pass in a village called Thawalanthenna near Pussellawa. It is also one of the most visited stunning waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Ramboda Falls | picture courtesy: Lakdeepanie Peiris

12 Amazing Waterfalls in Sri lanka You Should Not Miss

We have Managed to list out some of the popular waterfalls among travellers and waterfall hunters which doesn’t come under the both topics above. If you find it interesting share it with your friends and fellow waterfall lovers. If you have some other falls that is worth sharing, please mention in the comments.

Lover’s Leap Falls

Lover’s Leap is a stunning waterfall situated near Pedro Tea Estate in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. Legend has it that lovers have leapt to their deaths from this water fall. thus, the name Lovers Leap came to this waterfall.

Lovers Leap | Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Rifky

Kadiyanlena Falls

Kadiyanlena Falls is situated in Nawalapitiya in Kandy district. It stands at a height of 25 meters and consists of three cascades. The name of the waterfall is derived from the name of the village Kadiyanlena. It is also known as “Ketabula Ella” which is derived from the name of the tea estate nearby.

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kadiyanlena Falls | Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Rifky

Ellawala Falls

Ella Wala Falls is a small but beautiful waterfall lying on the Ella – Wellawaya Road. It is one of the popular falls among people who travels with family because it is easy to reach and also it offers a wide natural pool to enjoy bathing with your kids.

Ella wala Falls | Picture Courtesy: Wildlings of Sri Lanka

Pahanthudawa Waterfall

Pahanthuda Waterfall is situated in Belihuloya in the Ratnapura district. It is getting really popular among the travelers because of its natural environment surrounded by jungle and its amazing natural pool despite its height which is just 5 meters.

Pahanthudawa falls | Picture Courtesy: Nimesha Dev
Pahanthudawa falls | Picture Courtesy: Muzeer

Duwili Ella Waterfall

Duwili Falls is a waterfall located in Thanjantenna village in Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka. It is about 4 km away from Balangoda town. The height of the waterfalls is about 40 m. The name ‘Duwili’ is derived from the Sinhalese for dust, which describes the cascades of the water flows like dust when it falls down.

Duwili Falls | Picture Courtesy: Muzeer

Gerandi Ella Waterfall

Gerandigini Falls waterfall is situated in Thawalanthenna on the Kandy – Nuwara Eliya main highway at the 50th kilometer milepost.  The name Gerandi literally means snakes across the rocks, dividing in two and meeting up once more nearing the bottom. The height of this waterfall is approximately 100 meters.

Gerandi Falls | picture courtesy: Kushan Goonawardena

Mohini Falls

Mohini Ella Falls which is also known as Madanagiri Ella is situated close to the Maskeliya town in the Nuwara Eliya district. It is 30 meters high and resembles the locks of a woman.

Mohini Falls | Picture Courtesy: Wildlings of Sri Lanka

Sudugala Falls

Sudugala Ella waterfalls is also known as Heightenford Falls and Galpoththa Ella is a very beautiful falls situated 3km away from Nawalapitiya town. Theis waterfall descends from a height of 5 meter to a natural pool although it is about 65 meters in width. The weather and the pine trees makes this place a great location for nature lovers.

Sudugala Falls | picture courtesy: Medha Manathunga

Nalagana Falls

Nalagana Falls is one of the must visited falls in Kegalle district. It falls from the height of 40 meters which is situated in Dedugala in the Kegalle district. This beautiful waterfall is also known as Ritigaha Oya Falls because it springs from Ritigaha Oya which is a tributary of Kelani ganga.

Nalagana Falls | picture courtesy: Lakdeepanie Peiris

Nanu Oya Falls

Nanu Oya waterfall is one of the photogenic falls in Nuwara Eliya district with the height of 60 meters. Despite the height of this falls the scenic railway bridge and the passing train make this falls more stunning.

Nanu Oya Falls | Picture Courtesy: Mohamed Rifky

Devathura Falls

Devathura Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Nuwara Eliya District . The water cascades three falls and the lowest part of this falls is close to the road, just before the entrance of Ramboda tunnel when you go from Kandy. The lowest cascade from the viewpoint is approximately 10 meter in height. However, the upper part of waterfall is situated little above the road and is approximately 72 feet in height.

Devathura Falls

Hunas Falls

Hunnas Falls is a beautiful water fall situated in the Knuckles mountain range in Kandy district. it is a formation of of five streams grouping together and cascades down from a hight of 58 meters from the hills and meet to form the Mahaoya Reservoir, which leads on to Hunas Falls.

Hunas Falls | Picture Courtesy: Wildlings of Sri Lanka

Elgin Falls

Elgin Falls is a waterfall filled with glory, is located in the Elgin tea estate which is 18 km from Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. The waterfall is 25 m in height. Elgin Falls named after Elgin major town of Moray in Scotland by British.

Elgin Falls | picture courtesy: Priyanga Maldeniya


Sri lanka is blessed with more than 500 waterfalls all around the island and it is a big number for a small island like Sri Lanka. Many small waterfalls are hidden in the depth of untrodden wilderness. we have managed to give some popular falls that you could enjoy visiting. Comment your favorite waterfall that you have visited in Sri Lanka and of course we are eager to hear your story too.

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